Corporate E waste Removals

Large organisations obviously has large amounts of computer scrap and because businesses try to keep up with the latest trends they are constantly getting rid of electronics. Therefor controlling the amount of e waste coming in and out of the organisation is of the utmost importance. Tronic Waste specializes in e waste removals on larger scales which makes for corporate businesses to be their biggest clients.

Tronic waste Prides themselves on their effective and efficient transportation of E-waste. There is no project too big or too small for us.

Residential E waste Removals

At Tronic waste we realise that it’s not only big corporate organisations that deals with electronic waste, with that in mind we cater to our local residents, which means that we do collect waste from homes as well. This mean that smaller scale e-waste collection is welcome on our agenda.

Council E waste Removals

Our Mission is to become the largest E-waste removals and E-waste recyclers in the Western Cape, Specifically for the City Council of Cape Town. To collect all the E-waste within the city boarders and hopefully even beyond it.